Why French Bulldogs Make a Great Choice for a Home Pet

These dogs are not just a great choice for home pets but an excellent one. They are adorable, intelligent, and are OK staying in the house all day, what more could you ask for? French bulldogs are small thus ideal even for apartments where there might not be a lot of room. They will also do well in farm houses because of their adaptability. The only thing you have to be careful about is to ensure they are in a well air conditioned area because of their intolerance to heat

For those who love dogs but do not necessarily have the time to take the dog out for lots of exercise this breed will be a great choice. They only need mild exercise for a short period of time, taking the dog out for a walk around the block for 10 minutes will be very  French bulldog for sale sufficient helping the dog to stay fit and also giving him people a chance to drool over how cute he is.

These dogs will let you know if you have a stranger nosing around your apartment without being unnecessarily vicious. They are lovable, get along with people around them as well as animals and are very affectionate. These dogs love attention, when ignored they may develop some unwanted behavior. If you cannot provide the attention this dog will need then you are better off getting another type of dog. French bulldogs are also good with children and are affectionate towards them. Though gentle by nature they will become better around children when they are older. French bulldog pups may need some time to mature in order to be left alone with children. This is since the pups are sensitive and are still learning and may react unpredictably if the children are rough with them.

French bulldogs do not require a lot of grooming; their short coats only need brushing once in a while. They may need to be brushed more often when they start shedding but this takes a short time. The fact that they spend most of the time indoors also means that they do not get dirty. French bulldogs with a white coat may need to be cleaned more times than their darker counterparts. The wrinkles of French bulldogs accumulate moisture and dirt and have to be wiped to prevent infection.

French bulldogs are intelligent and very trainable, though they may take some time to learn they are generally well behaved and have good temperament. Behavior problems may develop but with good training, they can be easily dealt with.

Frenchies make for a great household pet if paired with the correct owner, that is, someone who will appreciate their worth, spend time with them and give them good care. With the wrong owner however these dogs commonly end up being neglected at shelters and rescue organizations. These dogs may be great or some people but are wrong for others, take some time to learn more about these dogs before you rush into getting one.


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