Things to Keep in Mind Before Creating Your Custom Suit

What is your suit’s purpose?
The fabrics and cloths used for a travelling suit can be very different than ones used for a luxury, special occasion suit. Letting your tailor know whether you need a suit for an important interview or for a high class event will allow the tailor to better choose which cloths will work best with your suit’s purpose.
For travelling, you’ll need a suit made of strong fabrics that can withstand wear and tear for long periods of time. If you are attending a wedding or need a suit for purely stylistic reasons, the tailor can give you the option to use finer, more luxurious cloths. The purpose of the suit may also help you decide what price range of suit you will be facing.

Also think of the functionality of your custom made suit. If you use your phone often, maybe discuss with your tailor an easy to reach, inside breast pocket to stow away your phone.

Use your natural posture while being measured custom suits nj
When placed in front of a mirror while a third party is taking measurements, most people tend to stand taller and straighten their posture. This is mostly a self-conscious habit-people feel the need to improve their stance.

Although it is great to want to improve your posture, it is very important to allow yourself to be in your natural posture while being measured for a custom made suit. Straightening your spine or pulling back your shoulders will give a misrepresentation of your natural measurements, thus resulting in an unflattering suit.

Bespoke suits look best when contoured to your natural posture. A slight slouch, an uneven shoulder, a muscular or scrawny frame-all these slight deformities have to be taken into account to have a form-fitting, shapely and flattering suit. When the tailor takes your measurements, stand in a natural, relaxed position-as you would on a day to day basis.

Some tailors don’t make their own patterns
When purchasing a custom made suit, it is to your best interest to ask the tailor if they create their own patterns. This is important because it may shine some light on how experienced-or deceiving-your tailor is.

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